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Frequently Asked Questions

Change The Dust Bag

No. if used at a place where a liquid has been spilled or on a wet floor, the liquid may get inside the machine and cause a malfunction. Make sure there is no liquid on the cleaning route and that the floor is not wet.

Cleaning modes will not change automatically. Modes can be switched with a Max Power Mode Button.

Please do not place any objects since it may interfere with the operation of the Emergency Stop Button, the Steering Handle, or the Touch Display.

Please do not vacuum glass or any other sharp objects since it may cause damage to the Machine.

A maximum size of up to 3cm (diameter of the suction port) can be vacuumed. The size of the waste will vary depending on the material of the floor. If heavy waste cannot be vacuumed up to the Dustbag, it will be scraped up with a Brush and collected with the Hopper Tray.

It is not recommended. Please use a separate HLC for each floor.

Sweeping function is not implemented. Dry vacuum cleaning function is the only function available on this Machine.

During autonomous cleaning, the Machine will maintain a certain distance from the wall to avoid damaging the wall. Please clean manually when cleaning areas close to walls.

It is used to replace the Battery if the main power is low during autonomous cleaning while the machine is paused.

Autonomous Cleaning / Teaching

The Machine will bypass the avoided area and return to its original cleaning route for cleaning. It does not have a function to return to the place where the Machine had bypassed.

Elevators cannot be included.

  • Avoid areas that may affect autonomous cleaning. (Whiz Operational Manual: Refer to ‘Precautions when Teaching a Cleaning Route’)
  • Make an assessment of the cleaning route beforehand.
    Refrain from walking too fast and avoid sudden turns when teaching the cleaning route.
  • Teach a cleaning route as straight as possible.
  • Do a test run in advance and check that there are no problems with the cleaning route.

Yes, autonomous cleaning can be done in the dark.

No, they cannot be recovered. Please teach the cleaning route again.

For a fully charged Battery, the normal mode is about 3 hours and the max power mode is about 1.5 hours.

Battery / Battery Charger

Although it depends on the usage environment, repeated charge and discharge of up to 800 times is possible.

It can be used approximately up to 48 hours when fully charged but it will differ with the amount of times the Notification Pager is used.

Usage Environment

During autonomous cleaning, the maximum incline of this Machine is 0%, so it is not possible to operate on steps or slopes. When teaching a cleaning route, do not include steps or other slopes that are higher than 1.5cm in the cleaning route area (eg. Grooves between floors, drainage lids, elevators and escalators, truncated domes or thick rugs).

The Machine is prohibited from being used on steps, or bumps. (Whiz Operational Manual: Refer to ‘Safety Warnings’)

To avoid navigation problems, please teach a cleaning route by dividing the cleaning area inside and outside the truncated domes.

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