Delivery X1

The Safest & Friendliest Way for Your Food Delivery


Delivery X1 is Gausium’s brand new product line of service robots dedicated to food delivery. Powered by Gausium’s self owned SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technology and a cutting-edge sensor system, Delivery X1 can perform flexibly in complex, dynamic environments. It perceives and creates semantic maps of the surroundings, accurately detects the static and dynamic obstacles, and calculates the most efficient path to provide a safe, smooth “one-touch” delivery experience.

Delivery X1 AT A GLANCE

Point-to-Point Path Planning

Easy, Fast & Collision-Free

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Superior Thermal & Chemical Stability

Unique Suspension System

Superb Vibration Suppression

No QR Code for Location

Fast Navigation & Deployment


X1 is designed to serve indoor environments where there’s a need for food delivery, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, office buildings and more.




Office Buildings



  • Point-to-point path planning & AI-driven decision making.
  • 3D environment perception & semantic map construction.
  • Flexible map editing (virtual wall, slope marking, etc.)


  • Adopting lithium iron phosphate batteries with a wider operating tempera ture range, sparing safety concerns of overheating and explosion.
  • An array of sensors (LiDAR, depth cameras, cliff sensor) for real-time detection and avoidance of obstacles, providing all-round protection of your asset and customers.
  • Unique suspension system, reducing vibration and ensuring smooth and stable operation.


  • Fast deployment without QR code for location.
  • User-friendly software with flexible operation methods, scheduling tasks and controlling the robot either through an intuitive touch screen or an Android mobile App.


  • Large carrying capacity with multiple serving trays, holding up to 30 kg of heavy load.
  • Reaches up to 3 tables in one go


  • Long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery of 2000 cycles
  • Up to 8-hour running time on a single charge
  • Automatic charging, realizing 24/7 service

Delivery X1

Model X1
Product Dimension
Feature Food Delivery
Dimension 520(L)*484(W)*1250(H) mm
Unladen Weight 55kg
Tray Dimension 400*(L)*470(W) mm
Load Capacity 10kg*3
Network Standard 4G
WIFI 2.4Ghz
Max. Travel Speed 1.2m/s
Max. Climbing Degree 50
Min. Passage Width 80cm
Min. Turning Diameter 80cm
Breaking Distance 5cm
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Rated Voltage 29.4V
Max. Output Power 230W
Uptime 8h
Charging Time 4h
Safety System LiDAR, Depth camera, Bumper, Cliff Sensor
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