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Keenbot’s Capabilities

1. Highly Adaptable

Self-developed indoor navigation technology ensures location accuracy and smooth delivery across various complex scenarios.

2. Shorten Delivery Time

Equipped with multi-point delivery mode, Keenbot can deliver dishes for four tables at one time. The cruise delivery mode is convenient for customers to pick up meals by themselves.

3. Multi-robot scheduling system

Increase in work productivity through the deployment of multi-robots via an intelligent schedule system.

4. Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Function

Robots are able to detect obstacles in unexpected situations and devise the best route to avoid collision.

5. Multi-tray structure

The multi-tray design allows the flexibility to suit different usage scenarios.

6. Speed Limit in Smart Zones

The ultra-flexible regional speed limit function can adjust its own speed according to the gradient of the slope.

Keenbot's Strengths

Time-Saving Mode

Able to optimize the shortest delivery path even in complex scenario.

Adjustable multi-tray

Multi-tray structure satisfies various delivery usage scenarios.

Relieve the waiter’s workload

Maximum tray loading capacity relieves the waiter’s workload.

24 hours, 7 days a week

Auto-charge function facilitates 24/7 operation.

Case Studies

China: Keenbot in a Hong Kong Style Café in Guangzhou

July 19, 2020

China: Keenbot in a Coconut Chicken Hotpot Restaurant in Shenzhen

July 19, 2020

China: Keenbot in a Szechuan restaurant in Beijing

July 19, 2020

Robot specification

Model Keenbot
Product Dimension
506 x 502 x 1205mm
Product Net Weight 55kg
Tray Dimension Top : 490*404*188mm
Others : 490*404*176mm
Single Layer Weight Bearing 15kg
Rated Power 50W
Endurance Time >12h
Standby Current <0.5A
Charging Time 4h
Rated Voltage 100-240V~,2.5A(MAX.)
Maximum Speed 1m/s
Maximum Degree of Climbing 5 degree
Service Life 20000h
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