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Truly Robotics Pte Ltd is the exclusive master distributor of SoftBank Robotics Singapore with a key focus on plugging the gaps in various industries through robotics solutioning. Recognising the current challenges faced by various industries, we focus on addressing the needs of our clients through leveraging on robotics technology. In addition, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to ensure that our customer’s satisfaction is optimized. Our current range of robotics products and solutions include autonomous cleaning and disinfecting robots by SoftBank Robotics, as well as autonomous intelligent service delivery robots by Keenon Robotics.

Australia, Singapore

McLaren Technologies Asia Pacific is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in delivering
cutting-edge systems and services to the hospitality and commercial industries. With a strong focus on
innovation and customer satisfaction and with a customer base across more than 30 countries, McLaren
Technologies has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their operations and
guest experiences through the integration of advanced technology solutions.


Established in 1971, Klenco started with selling a small selection of cleaning machines and chemicals in Singapore during its early years. Since then, Klenco expanded its service offerings and am now a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of cleaning machines and chemicals. Its products are used extensively in ASEAN, China and South Asia, and am also sold in Middle East and Europe. Klenco have been serving the diverse needs of its clientele with high quality products at reasonable prices and a high standard of services and support.


With more than 35 years of experience in the Cleaning Industry, Jeff Supplies is a one-stop solution for cleaning needs. Its wide variety of products, ranging from machinery to chemical solutions are easily available to clients with a fleet of delivery vehicles, coupled with repair and maintenance services onsite or with in-house servicing. Jeff Supplies also distribute and provide professional consultation in cleaning machinery and equipment, ensuring a total cleaning solution for its clients.


Conrad Maintenance is a member of the SoftBank Robotics Group portfolio. This successful partnership allows both companies to deliver a best-in-class cleaning service combining the strengths of a talented team with a fleet of holistic robotics, AI and IoT solutions. The company is also an approved NEA-licensed cleaning service provider with the approved accreditations in Singapore.

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