The New Era of Smart Cleaning Protection from the hidden and the invisible

Whiz Gambit – The New Era of Smart Cleaning

SoftBank Robotics is partnering with Avalon SteriTech Ltd to develop innovative products and technologies in the field of cleaning and bio-decontamination. This partnership focuses on introducing bio-decontamination capabilities to Whiz, the industry-leading autonomous AI cleaning robot. Together, we aim to present an effective and highly efficient solution that results in better productivity and consistency to enhance environmental health and safety in a wide array of commercial environments.

World-class AI Disinfection and Cleaning

Best-in-class autonomous-driving AI for route design and obstacle avoidance

Disinfection and vacuum cleaning 2-in-1

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use, Easy to Monitor

User friendly OS allowing for route design and deployment

Check route completion records to provide peace of mind

Dry-mist Spray Technology

Unique nozzle and pump technology to generate <10 micron disinfection particles

High material and electronic equipment compatibility

24/7 Accessibility and Reliability

Avoid inconsistent performance caused by human error or spot-cleaning

Optimize operations and workflow with less effort but a better result

Perfect For Many Spaces
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*Specifications and/or design details may change without prior notice.
Dimension (mm)

474 (L) x 455 (W) x 653 (H)

Weight (excluding battery)

30 kg

Vacuum cleaning coverage

500 m2 / hour

Continuous operation

3 hours (normal mode)

Battery charging time

4 hours

Max. speed

1.8 km / hour max

Rated output

29.4 V / 8 A x 2 slots

Safety features

LIDAR, 3D camera, impact sensor, anomaly detection

*Specifications and/or design details may change without prior notice.
Dimension (mm)

389 (L) x 456 (W) x 595 (H)

Gross weight (kg)


Max. pump pressure

2.1 bars

Tank volume

3 litre

Average run-time

1 hour


24 VDC

Rated output

180 W


70 dBa

*Includes charger, home location code, vacuum motor and other accessories.

Paper Bag

Easy disposal;
4L max capacity


Removable rotating brush,
auto height adjust

HEPA Filter

Captures 99.97% of PM2.5 particles,
including pollen and house dust


Replaceable lithium
ion battery

Frequently Asked Questions
For a fully charged battery, the normal mode for Whiz is about 3 hours and the maximum power mode is about 1.5 hours. Gambit can spray for about 1 hour on a fully charged battery. The maximum area for a cleaning and disinfection route is approximately 5,400 sqft per charge.

6 routes can be saved per Home Location Code. It is not recommended to use a single Home Location Code on different floors. Please use a separate Home Location Code for each floor.

Multiple sensors identify steps, walls, and obstacles. If it comes into contact with an obstacle, the bumper will detect the contact and stop immediately.

 A maximum size of up to 3 cm (caliber of the suction port) can be vacuumed. The size of the waste will vary depending on the material of the floor. All vacuumed waste will be accumulated in the dustbag inside the machine. When the dustbag is full, replace it with a new dustbag. The designated dustbag capacity for this machine is 4 Litres. Vacuum bags are not reusable, so please purchase as needed.

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