Whiz i Capabilities

1. Entire Surface cleaning

“Hidden dust” on carpets and other surfaces tends to fly up while walking and may become airborne. A robot can clean the stored cleaning route evenly and automatically.

A research was conducted by Environmental Allergens Information and Care Incorporation, where a cleaning environment was stimulated by sprinkling florescent powder as “hidden dust” on the floor for cleaning by human and Whiz, and irradiated with black light to compare the results of both cleaning performance.

2. Hidden dust clean

With Whiz i the amount of dust caught up in the air is less than that of a manual clean. It meticulously cleans and removes bacteria and viruses attached to dust remaining on the floor.
The experiment was conducted using the previous model Whiz, but the performance of Whiz i is equal or superior to Whiz.

3. Airborne bacteria decrease to 1/5.

Most of the invisible airborne bacteria is caused by hidden dust on the floor that cannot be removed by manual cleaning. We have also found that floor surface cleaning by Whiz can also keep indoor spaces clean.

Whiz i Strengths

Easy to Use

Easy to install and use. Set the routes and push one button to start autonomous cleaning.

AI at its best

The sensors detect obstacles and respond to the dynamic changing environment.

Highest Cleaning Efficiency

Approximately 1800m2 cleaning capacity size per charge.

Easy to Manage

Easy to manage using Whiz Connect. You can check remotely.

Case Studies

Japan's Golf Course

Top traditional cleaning company in the golf industry used the digital transformation cleaning approach to provide efficacy in cleaning.

Japan's Drug Store

Cleaning robots are being introduced to improve cleaning quality without additional labour.

Japan's Hotel

Hotel implements the “New Normal” service co-created with man and robots in response after the Coronavirus.

Japan's Retail Store

As a retail store has a busy traffic, Whiz was being used to ensure regular floor cleanliness and to safeguard children’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Place the home location code(HLC), which is the starting and ending point of the cleaning route, on the wall, and after reading the code, manually drive Whiz i to create a cleaning route. After driving the route, the route is created and memorized by loading the code again at the end.

In the case of autonomous cleaning, please refrain from using Whiz i in places with steps or slopes. Manual cleaning mode is also available.

Due to the influence of environment illuminance, obstacles may be falsely detected by autonomous cleaning robot. In that case, we suggest adjusting the environment illuminance with dimming, blinds, roll curtains, etc.

If you switch the cleaning mode (normal mode / power mode) during teaching, you can adjust the suction power accordingly.

Depending on the weight and size, there is some garbage that cannot be sucked up. Also, avoid using Whiz i to clean up inhaling liquids or watery debris, large amounts of sand or powder, strings, sharp objects (glass, knives, metal fragments, etc.), or breathable objects (e.g., plastic wrap). There is a possibility that it may cause a malfunction for the robot.

Whiz i specification

Model Whiz i
Dimension (mm) 470 (W) x 480 (L) x 661 (H)
Product Net Weight (with built-in battery) 34kg
Vacuum cleaning coverage 500 m2 / hour
Continuous operation 3.6 hour (Normal Mode)
1.8 hour (Turbo Mode)
Dust collection volume 6.3L
Battery Type Lithium-ion battery
Battery charging time Approx 5 hour
Battery 5kg lithium ion; 23.7 Ah, 25.2V
Battery charger power supply Approx 5 hour
Battery charger power supply 100-240V AC
Safety System LIDAR, 3D camera, impact sensor, step sensor & anomaly detection
Safety Features Obstacle detection, fall prevention (LIDAR sensor, 3D camera), impact detection (sensor-installed bumper), anomaly detection (Cliff sensors, wheel contact sensors, emergency brake function)
Accessories Brush, Paper pack x 10, Charger Power Cable, Microfiber Cloth, Home Location Code, Tray, Blade, HEPA Filter, Vacuum Motor Filter
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