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A New Era For Commercial Cleaning

New cleaning standards are here – is your office ready?

SafeWork Australia have issued guidance for the cleaning of workplaces and office spaces to protect workers and limit their exposure to COVID-19 when they return to work, including a daily vacuum of carpets as part of routine cleaning.

With robotics and automation you can help alleviate the extra workload on your cleaning teams and support them in providing a cleaner and more hygienic office in the post-pandemic world.

A Whiz At Commercial Cleaning

Meet Whiz – an autonomous robot vacuum that’s reinventing commercial carpet cleaning. Using a trusted AI platform, it delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean – with proof of performance.

Whiz provides you with increased efficiency, better quality and the ability to vacuum up to 1500sqm per single battery charge. By offloading repetitive, mundane work to an automated solution, you can improve your cleaning team’s efficiency, reduce turnover and injuries and allow them to focus on disinfecting and critical services.

On average, vacuuming takes up 30% of total cleaning time
… time that can be spent on critical cleaning tasks such as disinfecting


cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming


improvement in cleaning efficiency


Whiz units deployed around the world

With Whiz, SoftBank Robotics brings leading robotics expertise to the cleaning industry, ensuring effortless adoption, proven performance, and rapid return on investment.

Easy to set up, Easy to use

Teach it a cleaning route and it's ready to go

Smart AI Cleaning

On-board BrainOS
determines the best route given
the surrounding environment

Outstanding Cleaning Efficiency

Up to 3 hours of continuous operation, covering up to 1,500sqm

Simple Tools To Track Performance

Check status via smartphone or PC and download operation data to measure its performance

Understanding your new team member
Case Study - Bringing Innovation To Office Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is an industry powered by people and it always will be. However, as cleaning needs continue to grow and evolve, it can be hard to keep up. Discover how Whiz helped a Grade A office in Sydney’s CBD stay ahead of increasing cleaning demands.

Find out how robotics can work alongside your cleaning team
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