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SoftBank Robotics Group Corporate Website Redesign Announcement

Introducing our global business and corporate mission “World of Robotics. World of Possibilities” as a Robot Integrator


TOKYO, March 30, 2023 – SoftBank Robotics Group Corp. (SBRG) is today pleased to announce the redesign of our corporate website. In this redesign, we have updated the look and feel of the website and its content to better reflect our business as a “Robot Integrator” and further our corporate mission; “World of Robotics. World of Possibilities”.*

*For further information about our Robot Integrator strategy, please refer to our press release issued on October 18th, 2022. “SoftBank Robotics Announces Robot Integrator (RI) Strategy.”

SoftBank Robotics Group Corporate website:


What is SoftBank Robotics’ “Robot Integrator” strategy?

Our 3 key solutions as a “Robot Integrator”

  • Solution 1: ProductsConsulting & Deployment

We propose to our clients t solutions that optimize their business using robotics and AI solutions, and provide support for their deployment, including operation and maintenance.

  • Solution 2: Universal Data Platform

Our proprietary data platform enables centralized management and operation of robotic and AI solutions from diverse product groups, along with operational efficiency improvement and optimal introduction proposals based on analysis of accumulated data.

  • Solution 3: Robot Support Service

We provide a wide range of business support for robot developers and manufacturers from product planning, development, mass production, quality control, maintenance support.


About SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

SoftBank Robotics Group, a leader in robot solutions, has been contributing to the technology’s development since we launched Pepper, our first robot capable of recognizing human emotions, in 2014. There followed an AI autonomous cleaning robot in 2018, a multi-tray delivery robot in 2021, and automated logistics solutions consulting in 2022. We have  offices at 12 locations around the world and our robots are used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our vast, expanding trove of worldwide robot real-world data. The marvelous technology of our partners worldwide. As a robot integrator, these are the unmatched resources we are leveraging to meet every conceivable need of the developers who want robots to succeed and of the users who are eager to adopt them.

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