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Amount of airborne microbes in indoor environment decreases by 80% when the area is cleaned by “Whiz” – the AI Vacuum Cleaning Robot

SoftBank Robotics conducted a research on the impact of office building cleaning

SoftBank Robotics Corp., in collaboration with Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd., conducted a research to evaluate the cleaning ability of the AI vacuum cleaning robot “Whiz” to clean office buildings. As a result, it was verified that using “Whiz” to clean floors helped to decrease concentrations of airborne fungi in indoor environments by one-fifth compared to manual cleaning. In addition, a correlation was found between the cleanliness of the floor and the cleanliness in the air (concentrations of airborne fungi), and it was verified that keeping the floor clean also has an effect of increasing the cleanliness of the entire floor space. By effectively removing “hidden dust” that cannot be collected by conventional human cleaning, Whiz would keep the floor evenly cleaned as well as keep the indoor spaces clean.

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