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Autonomous Robot Cleaners Have Arrived!

Autonomous Robot Cleaners Have Arrived!

Date: 14 June 2022

“Kent” Kenichi Yoshida is the Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at SoftBank Robotics, leading the SoftBank robotic project for the past 4 years since the beginning of the project.

In an IAA exclusive, Kent talks about the robot cleaning industry and shares insights on how the market for cleaning robots has evolved.

This is the era for #autonomous #cleaningrobots. Whiz is SoftBank Robotics’ answer to improving the scale and agility of robotic cleaning like never before seen in Singapore or around the world.
#AI #cleaningindustry #innovations #Cleanliness
Thanks to Milieu Insight and Industrial Automation Asia for facilitating this interview with our Chief Business Officer Kenichi (Kent) Yoshida.

Click here to read about the interview.

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