Jointly developed with a renowned ramen restaurant, authentic ramen is cooked in 90 seconds, at any time of the day. 

This autonomous cooking robot can be easily operated from an indoor facility.

Features of CHEFFY the autonomous cooking robot

Cooked in 90 seconds

Food is prepared in 90 seconds

24/7 Operation

Savour a delightful meal with a wait time of 90 seconds, at any time of the day


Cashless payment can be made via credit card, mobile phone, QR codes and etc. (cash payment is not supported)

Hot Food Served

Indulge in a bowl of piping hot meal from renowned restaurant partners

CHEFFY the autonomous cooking robot can be easily operated by installing it within an indoor facility.


For employees who want a quick lunch or those who work late at night, CHEFFY can address the challenge of finding quick food options.


To cater to the hungry guests at night, CHEFFY is there to offer delectable food choices, eliminating the need to engage room service staff.


CHEFFY can enhance the overall airport experience by offering travelers with tight schedules and limited time, a convenient, efficient and accessible way to satisfy their hunger while on the go.

Restaurants and Food Courts

CHEFFY can be the backend kitchen helper, dispensing ready-to-eat meals within 90 seconds. It can also offer more food options for the diners at a lower operating cost.

Product Specifications

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