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Whiz is an AI vacuum cleaning robot of SoftBank Robotics. GERMii UV-C, an add-on device dedicated for SoftBank Robotics’ AI vacuum cleaning robot, “Whiz.”

AI autonomous vacuum cleaning robot which captures and kills pathogens on the floor and in the air.

GERMii Australia is partnering with SoftBank Robotics to introduce and engineer innovative products and technologies in the field of cleaning and sterilisation to provide best in class pathogen mitigation automatically via the recent integration into Whiz, the world-leading autonomous cleaning robot. The 2-in-1 robotic solution is designed to complement existing protocols, resulting in higher cleaning productivity and efficacy.

GERMii’ technology targets pathogens which may come to rest on surfaces, contaminate moisture or be suspended in air. These pathogens present a real risk to human health and welfare as we move forward past the current pandemic. Methods such as UV-C must be utilised to ensure the ongoing health and safety of the public.

Product Features

User-Experience Driven

Whiz is an AI vacuum cleaning robot of SoftBank Robotics.
GERMii UV-C, an add-on device, dedicated for SoftBank Robotics’ AI vacuum cleaning robot, “Whiz.”

The Science behind GERMii UV-C for Whiz

The Science behind GERMii UV-C for Whiz involves two-stage process;

  1. Treatment of the floor surface;
  2. Trap and kill of microscopic pathogens in a low pressure chamber (post HEPA filter) of exhausted air which is irradiated with 10 watts1 of UV-C at a distance of 10mm.

10.15 watt kills viruses per Fluence study.

GERMii UV-C Sterilisation Technology delivers;

  1. Up to 99.9% of germs eradication
  2. UV-C Light rapidly inactivates ALL viruses, including Covid-19
  3. Kills 100% of the Golden Staph1 bacteria plate sample within 2 seconds
  4. Irradiated 10 watts2 of UV-C at a distance of 10mm
GERMii has performed multiple independent tests at Symbio Laboratories which show bacteria colonies are destroyed with UV-C. The test showed that within two seconds 100% of the Golden Staph bacteria plate sample were killed when placed under our UV-C lamps. Golden Staph is commonly recognised in the health industry as the most stubborn bacteria and causes huge infection problems in hospitals. The exact UV-C configuration tested is being used in GERMii products.

For information on GERMii laboratory results :
1Golden Staph is commonly recognised in the health industry as the most stubborn bacteria and causes huge infection problems in hospitals.
20.15 of watts kills viruses per Fluence study.

4 Sharings of GERMii UV-C for Whiz

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What makes GERMii UV-C for Whiz, a unique proposition as the leading standard in floor and air sterilisation?

GERMii’ Solutions –
GERMii Robotic

GERMii’ innovation has led to pathogen mitigation using proven UV-C germicidal irradiation technology, which is an alternative to spraying environmentally dangerous chemicals. The solution is GERMii UV-C for Whiz, an AI autonomous vacuum cleaning robot, utilizing UV-C sterilisation technology.

GERMii UV-C for Whiz was created in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics. It contains a UV-C floor chamber and a UV-C air chamber, resulting in the floor and air being sterilised whilst cleaning.

Product Specification *Specifications and/or design details may change without prior notice.

SoftBank Robotics Whiz

Dimension (mm) 474 (L) x 455 (W) x 653 (H)
Weight (excluding battery) 30 kg
Vacuum cleaning coverage 500 m² / hour
Continuous operation 3 hours (normal mode)
Battery charging time 4 hours
Max. speed 1.8 km / hour max
Rated output 29.4 V / 8 A x 2 slots
Safety features LIDAR, 3D camera, impact sensor, anomaly detection

GERMii UV-C for Whiz

Modules Pathogen mitigation using proven UV-C germicidal irradiation technology
Modules included Floor and Air fittings
Treatment process – floor Exposes floor to a narrow beam of UV-C light
Treatment process – air Trap and kill microscopic pathogens in a low pressure chamber (post HEPA filter) of exhausted air which is irradiated with 10 watts of UV-C at a distance of 10mm
Effectiveness Destroys the DNA of pathogens, including COVID-19
Efficacy level >2 seconds and 99.99% effectiveness
Running costs >$1 per day
UV-C lamp hours 6,000 per lamp
Air plate size 45cm x 45 cm x 15cm | 1.3kg
Floor plate size 37cm x 25cm | 1.2kg
Design Mirrored stainless steel construction
Lamp run time 5 hours for both modules
UV-C lamp warranty Annual maintenance provides ongoing servicing or replacement

The effortless new member of your team

GERMii UV-C for Whiz works straight out of the box and is easy to manage and maintain. A remote notification pager alerts your cleaners if Whiz has finished a route or needs help.

GERMii UV-C for Whiz lessens the impact of gaps in the workforce, achieving up to 100% vacuum coverage, 100% of the time with the combined effort of GERMii UV-C for Whiz and a cleaner.


Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the robotic industry’s leading intelligent, self-driving technology and once taught is capable of navigating complex environments safely.

How to get GERMii

GERMii UV-C for Whiz is available through our distributors offering flexible commercial options, fast servicing and support, so you know GERMii UV-C for Whiz always performs at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

GERMii specialises in the design, manufacture and application of proven UV-C sterilisation technology to fight against the current COVID-19 virus and future known pathogens, to protect staff and customers in transit and in the workplace. GERMii build industrial grade UV-C handhelds and UV-C Air and Floor modules to fit onto robotic systems, across our West Australian and New South Wales facilities and are considered in leader in our field. 

In fact, on 9th June 2021 GERMii was proudly chosen as a finalist and winner in the NSW Government Innovation Districts Challenges. The Innovation Districts Challenges are designed to accelerate the commercialisation of research and emerging products that address the impacts of COVID-19 by businesses in partnership with universities and CSIRO in NSW.

Challenge themes align with the NSW Government ‘Respond, Recover and Reform’ approach to COVID-19.

There are two core products working with or in tandem with Whiz, being the UV-C add on modules for Whiz and the G.I.L. Handheld unit (Germicidal Irradiation Lamp).

The UV-C add on modules for Whiz treat by Irradiation, the floor surface and air with UV-C light, instantly eliminating pathogens, viruses and germs such as COVID-19. The G.I.L. Handheld units are used by cleaning staff to sterilise high touch surfaces such as elevators, hotel reception desks, workstations and much more, while Whiz is doing the monotonous vacuuming work.

There are several new products also available now including UV-C chambers and UV-C air conditioning modules.

UV-C is a natural part of the solar light spectrum that when concentrated destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria, therefore both killing the pathogen and stopping further infestation.

GERMii delivers pathogen mitigation devices manned by trained technicians, at a site to sterilise identified areas. Our G.I.L handheld UV-C powered devices are applied across all surface types by our technicians and will sterilise an area by destroying viruses and bacteria. Our UV-C lamps break down their DNA, rendering them useless.

No living microorganism can survive close exposure to concentrated UV-C light. UV-C inactivates the DNA and RNA of viruses. Symbio Laboratories in Perth have conducted two independent tests with GERMii UV-C equipment against Staph, Aureus and Salmonella with 1-2 second kill rates.

Unfortunately, cleaning fluids and chemicals aren’t enough.  It’s time consuming, environmentally unfriendly and hazardous materials can end up on people.  UV-C exposure has been shown to destroy 99.99 percent of pathogens during an exposure.

No. We are complimentary to existing processes, so we do not intend on replacing existing people. We work with them to achieve a safer environment.

Clinical research proves that using UV-C along with chemical cleaning is significantly more effective than using chemicals and manual cleaning alone. 

Germicidal Irradiation using our UV-C device is 99.99% effective against pathogens on a surface. It is cleaner, faster, safer and Australian made.

Faster and more efficient. For example, you can sterilise a surface area with Whiz or GERMii Handhelds, in 1-2 seconds. Where GERMii UV-C really stands out is in treating cloth and material surfaces such as waiting room chairs in hospitals, aged care centres and more where you simply can’t regularly treat these with chemicals, nor should you want to.

The problem with COVID-19 is that a surface area is only as clean or sterilise as the last time it was treated. Staff can use our devices constantly throughout the day to reapply, keeping the environment safer without any harmful effects or moisture.

Yes, we are 100% proudly Australian and we support local suppliers where we can, and people. Employment and profits stay in Australia. Importantly, we design, engineer and build the technology across our West Australian and New South Wales facilities. Our engineering and support personal are based in Australia, not offshore. We also have overseas operations and export to other countries outside of Australia.

We design and assemble our handheld systems in our facility in Perth, Western Australia. The primary component that we either source locally in Australia or import directly from overseas (from Canada or Singapore) is the UV-C lamps. 

Our supply chain capacity on these is 100 units per week. Because we manufacture our handheld devices here in WA, we do not have a supply chain issue on the actual devices.

We import the UV-C lamps from National Suppliers but all other materials for our devices are sourced in WA.

  • Our metal fabrication is from Western Australia.
  • Our electrical components are from Western Australia
  • Our fixings are from Western Australia

UV-C is hazardous. Which is why it is important to only choose a provider who understands the technology well, particularly if they design and engineer it themselves, with the correct certifications. 

We’ve used this technology to treat water systems to kill pathogens and similar applications, and because we design and engineer this technology ourselves, we understand it and choose components for effectiveness rather than price. UV-C radiation is safe when used properly. It breaks down the DNA of the virus and stops it replicating and spreading. Safety for operators is paramount, our staff are all certified and receive regular and ongoing training.

We are not treating humans; we are treating surfaces. As such we do not fall under TGA approval. We are in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accredited certifications.

Yes, and we are happy to conduct a proof of concept and live demonstration. We are currently conducting with several major healthcare organisations.

Urgent needs can be usually addressed same day. 

Up to two weeks to commence long term contracts depending on location and volume. Hospitals, ambulance depots and more could have a sterilisation station with staff and equipment already on site.

Each individual unit can be used 80 hours per week, splitting between a day shift and a night shift. Hence, our current capacity of 20 devices is 1,600 hours per week of usable sterilisation usage time in the NSW or Federal health system.

Ongoing supply volume (per week) – Our growth capacity is currently @ 300-400 units per month.  Each 20 handheld units represent 1600 hours per week of usable sterilisation time. 

We will have static room flooding UV-C units in production by 1st May 2020. We can expand this supply by an initial 33-100 units per month. These units flood an entire hospital room, school classroom, medical centre waiting room and so forth, and sterilise every surface in one go.

UV-C is hazardous and should only be applied by trained technicians. Currently we deliver this as a managed service or on demand.

Yes, we have service reach throughout Australia.

 Yes, 700sqm of pallet storage in WA and more being organised on a need’s basis in other states.

We have a service booking form we send you. Or you can use our online booking form. 

A request can be submitted here;

A dedicated account team is assigned and ready for each state for personal management and support. Service agreements are the preferred structure, they allow for securing a lower service cost. Service agreements also allocate adequate resources to that customer.

Yes. Having a service agreement locks in discounted pricing and resources.

GERMii is a service, hence there is no capital upfront cost. It is fee for service based, with discounts for longer and larger service contracts.

Our service agreement rates include everything. Extenuating circumstances might be where specific equipment is requested due to situations outside of our control, specific travel or unusual out of pocket expenses. These are detailed within our service agreements.

Devices are Australian manufactured by GERMii headquarters at 6 Pavers Circle, Malaga, WA

Gaia Germicidal Irradiation Technologies Pty Ltd T/A Germii. ABN 18 109 573 417


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