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SoftBank Robotics Group has been expanding its business of smart facility management services utilizing robotics, sensors, IoT and ICT solutions around the world starting with the establishment of SmartBX Co.,Ltd. We now call the smart facility management services provided by members of SoftBank Robotics Group from partners’ facility management companies, as ”SmartBX”.

Janitor App & IoT

Janitor IoT


Case Study: Shopping Mall

In this shopping mall, the same cleaning schedule is applied to all restrooms despite of the variation of restroom usage frequency. After implementing the people counter sensor, the cleaning staff switched to an on-demand cleaning pattern. When the people counter records a fixed number of users, the cleaners receive a notification to perform cleaning. This eliminates unnecessary cleaning in restrooms with lower foot traffic, resulting in a significant overall cost reduction of 30%.

Case Study: Office Environment

In this office, space, an *ATP test conducted on the floor revealed that the daily cleaning, carried out once a day, was excessive as the floor was found to be as clean as that of a sanitised laboratory. To optimise the cleaning process a human, counter sensor was installed to monitor foot traffic, and the cleaning crew is now notified to perform cleaning when the foot traffic reaches 1000. This implementation has led to a notable 40% cost reduction.

40% Cost Reduction
Cleanliness Quality

Case Study: Office Environment

In this office space, the employees’ cleanliness satisfaction rate has nearly reached 80%, and this improvement was achieved without any additional costs. The cleaning crew, now comprising a concierge, 3 janitors, and 2 robots, can efficiently attends to prioritised cleaning requests sent via strategically placed QR codes around the facility.

Increased Satisfaction
for 75% of Employees
Without Any Extra Costs

Free Assessment for Cost Reduction

Please contact us to receive a free assessment to explore possibilities
of cost reduction in your business.


Initial assessment through sensor placement and ATP testing


Proposal of transformative cleaning solutions


Simulate and present the cost savings after implementation of solutions


Consideration of implementation based on cost saving simulation

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